Sustainable packaging

Experts in wood packaging for all logistics needs.

Vida is an expert in wood packaging. We have years of experience in designing complete logistics solutions. Our objective is to always offer the right solution for the transportation needs of each individual customer. Vida has a wide standard range of wood packaging products and also provides customised solutions.

Wood packaging reduces CO2 emissions

Using wood packaging reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The net emissions of CO2 in the manufacturing of wood packaging, including the binding of carbon in finished products, spares the atmosphere of 1 tonne of CO2 per m3 manufactured. European pallets alone, approx 450 million of them, prevent 13 million tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere. This can be compared to the production of 1m3 of PVC, which burdens the atmosphere with 5,000kg of CO2, and 1m3 of aluminium, which generates 25,000kg of CO2. Choose renewable wood packaging made from Swedish forest raw materials, it is a sustainable investment for both your business and the environment.

A holistic view of product development

Vida has a long tradition of innovative product development. We work pro-actively to develop existing products and design completely new solutions, in close co-operation with our customers and suppliers. In our product development, we aim for the optimal combination of functionality, cost and environmental consideration. This is made possible by the fact that we work with development all the way from the forest to the final user, and onwards to recycling of the product.

Pallet collars

Pallet collars for streamlined cargo handling.

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Pallets for all needs.

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Cable drums

Vida offers a standard range of products for Scandinavia and Europe and also develops customised solutions.

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Composite products

Pallet blocks made from strong composite material

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Lids and intermediate layers

Supplement your packaging with lids and intermediate layers.

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Special packaging

Packaging solutions for specific requirements.

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Vida and the environment

Sustainable forestry is an important part of solving the climate change puzzle. At Vida we take responsibility for the forest, environment and people wherever we operate.

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