It is a given that we work our forests for the long term.

The forest landowner has a key role to play in enabling good long-term sales of Swedish forest products, through the certification of their forestland. Certification of raw materials gives us an important environmental sales argument for our customers internationally. That’s why Vida constantly works to increase the proportion of FSC® and PEFC certified timber. However, environmental demands of production and eco-labelling of the timber are no longer simply a strong sales argument.

”In many of our markets, such as England, PEFC has been a basic requirement for several years. Private building materials consumers in England look for eco-labelling when they buy wood products from building suppliers, and it is a more or less expressed demand in all our markets,” says Vida’s Head of Wood Product Sales, Måns Johansson.

The majority of Vida’s products are exported, including to Europe, USA and Japan. Investments are made more or less continuously to meet the demands of the markets. Specially customised products are manufactured for both customers and markets. These are packed and labelled, including the various certifications, already at the sawmill.


Vida is certified through FSC® and PEFC. This means that we work responsibly in the forest and only buy raw materials that come from sustainable forestry. Vida offers forest landowners the opportunity to become both PEFC and FSC certified under the Vida umbrella. Both Vida and our umbrella members are audited by internal and external auditors.