About Vida Energy

About Vida Energy

One of Sweden’s largest biofuel players.

Vida Energy is one of Sweden’s largest biofuel players and leads the Group’s efforts in the bio-energy market. We take advantage of the by-products that result from felling and processing in the sawmills by converting these into renewable energy in the form of energy-efficient products such as whole tree chips, stemwood chips and pellets. The energy division’s business activities include purchasing, processing, storage and sales.

Vida Energy started in 2003 with the purpose “to recycle the by-products from the sawmills,” which includes chips, bark and wood shavings from timber manufacturing. Currently, the business is focused on taking advantage of all by-products from modern sawmill activities. This also includes felling remains, stem parts and firewood. A large part of the operations takes place at felling sites as the logistics are a decisive factor in limiting the negative impact on the environment. Much of the company’s turnover locally comes from our twelve sawmills that produce their own heating, drying and hot water. Other production is sold to thermal power stations while sawmill chips are sold to the external pulp and paper industry.

Vida Energy is also one of Sweden’s largest suppliers of top-quality pellets. It has an annual production of approximately 65,000 tonnes, and Vida Energy supplies pellets to a large part of southern Sweden.

Vida Stable Bedding manufactures bedding for horses, the popular product is made from 100% wood shavings that is optimal for hygiene and cleanliness in stables.


Vida Energy has a goal to be a leader in renewable fuel and to create a long-term business that contributes positively to a greener society. As part of our work, resources will be invested to develop and refine technologies for increased energy extraction, to improve production methods and to manage logistics and distribution. Cooperation with researchers and universities will guarantee that all investment contributes to this in the best possible way for the environment.

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Vida Energy - the numbers

2 billion

Turnover in SEK


Number of units


Number of employees

Vida Pellets

65,000 tonnes of pellets

Vida Stable Bedding/Vida Agricultural Bedding

2,5 million wood shaving bales

Forest residues

2 million m3 of by-products and energy chips (loose measurement)

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Green energy that uses every single wood chip.

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Animal bedding

Animal bedding

Good for the environment, good for animals.

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Environment and sustainability

Environment and sustainability

Sustainable forestry is an important part of solving the climate change puzzle. At Vida we take responsibility for the forest, environment and people wherever we operate.

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