Sweden's largest supplier of wood packaging for all logistics needs.

Vida is the leading manufacturer of wood packaging in Sweden, with a network of plants across Sweden. We offer a wide range of sustainable products made from renewable raw materials from our own sawmills. We have customers in most sectors all over the world.

Our product portfolio encompasses many different types of packaging, such as pallets, other load carriers, pallet collars, boxes, special packaging, cable drums, collar planters, pallet pooling and one-way packaging.

Our network of production plants means we are always close to the customer. In many places, we have set up logistics solutions in which we can wash plastic packaging environmentally, perform pallet repairs, storage and package destruction, and distribute to packaging pool systems all over the world, including the automotive industry.

Proximity to Vida Group’s sawmills means a stable and reliable availability of raw materials which makes us a long-term partner for our customers. With Vida as your packaging and logistics solution partner you get the optimal combination of functionality, cost and environmental consideration.

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