Work in modern Swedish forestry

A sector for the future with endless possibilities

Swedish forests and the Swedish forest industry are fantastic assets for Sweden. They generate SEK 125 billion in export revenues, 60,000 direct jobs and a total of 200,000 indirect jobs. The Swedish forest industry is a sector for the future with endless possibilities.

High-tech sector

The Swedish forest industry has annual revenues of SEK 200 billion and is the world’s second largest exporter of forest industry products. It creates jobs, both in Sweden and abroad. The forest industry is a high-tech sector that provides many interesting jobs within the natural sciences, technology and sustainability.

Great need for skills

Vida has many challenging and stimulating positions within several professional groups. Some of us have our roots in forestry, but many have a completely different education and background. We are a large industrial group and we are in need of skills in all areas. With the right background and education you will always find interesting jobs within our industry.

Strong company with sound corporate values

At Vida, you will work in a strong company with sound corporate values of focusing on the long-term, quality and a strong focus on the environment. We want our employees to feel involved and have the chance to grow. The most important thing for us is your motivation and drive.

Vida is the small company in the larger whole

We can no longer say that we are a small company, but we want to retain that spirit. A flat organisation and simple decision-making procedures are important in a competitive sector.

We want to make things fast and simple

The larger we become, the more important it is for us to continue to work simply and flexibly. At the rate we have grown we are a constantly learning organisation. We do not have final procedures for everything and we always strive to make all the small things a little better. This of course places great demands on all employees. We must be prepared to learn new things and be flexible. For those who like challenges this is a very stimulating environment.

We always have our sights set on the future

Our culture is characterised by entrepreneurship, action and commitment. Despite the fact that we have grown a lot over the last few years, we still have the proximity and cohesion of a smaller company.

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