Fuel pellets

Fuel pellets

Fuel pellets with a high energy output, made from first-rate Swedish forest raw materials.

Vida Pellets are high-quality heating pellets made from first-rate Swedish forest raw materials. Order via our web shop and get free delivery or buy from your nearest reseller.

Vida Pellets are a renewable product that are part of the natural cycle. They are made 100% from wood shavings, no additives, which means a high energy output and minimal ash and sintering. This makes Vida Pellets very gentle on your burner.

A good investment

Vida’s heating pellets give you lovely heating at a low cost. The investment cost of preparing for pellets burning and installing a pellet burner is relatively low, but varies depending on your previous source of heating. Lower running costs, small investment and a more even heat are some of the comments we often get from our customers. If you look at the entire picture of investment costs, running costs and environmental burden, then burning with heating pellets is superior.

Heating pellets have a clear advantage from an environmental point of view, as they are a renewable energy source produced in Sweden. When you burn pellets, you leave a negative carbon footprint, which is very positive. The burning of pellets also produces no visible smoke or noticeable odor that could disturb your neighbors.

Vida takes care of the entire log

Pellets are a fuel from our largest renewable resource; the forest. Our forest isn’t felled just to become pellets. Vida takes care of the entire log. When trees are sawn for timber, we take care of the saw-shavings and using renewable energy we manufacture pellets of a very high and consistent quality. Our heating pellets are made from pressed saw-shavings of spruce logs from our local Swedish forests. To reduce our footprint on the environment, our pellets are made solely from residual products from our nearby sawmills. Vida Pellets is a completely pure and natural product without additives. Vida Pellets produces a high energy value with minimal ash and sintering. Therefore, Vida Pellets is very gentle on your burner.

For every tree Vida cuts down, at least two new ones are planted. When you use our pellets, you can feel confident that you are making a smart and sustainable choice for the environment.

How should I store my pellets?

Pellets must be stored in a cool and dry place.

Free delivery to your door

Vida Energy is one of Sweden’s largest suppliers of high-quality pellets. Vida Pellets are manufactured in our plant in Hok and are delivered via our own distribution network to the greater part of southern Sweden.

Our lorries deliver by pallet or in bulk, directly to your door, within our delivery areas. We deliver within 10 working days after order and handle unloading on site by truck. Always free delivery and notification the day before.

Sustainable deliveries are important to Vida and we take responsibility for our environmental impact and emissions. Vida chooses the fuel with the least negative impact on the environment, which is why we use “Evolution Diesel” from Preem. This fuel can reduce fossil-based CO2 emissions by up to 25%.

Dry facts

• Energy output approx 4.86 MWh per tonne
• Level of moisture content approx 8%
• Level of ash approx 0.3%
• Ash melting point >1550 °C

Vida Pellets are manufactured in small 8mm sacks with 16kg per sack. Delivered on pallets of 832kg per pallet. 

Remember that

• The pellet burner benefits from a service performed by a tradesman.
• Stable burning is best achieved if the tray is sometimes cleaned between refills.
• 1mm of soot on the water jacket surface of your stove will give a 10% decreased effect. Completely automated pellet systems are available.

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