Energy-efficient biofuel made from forest industry by-products.

Vida is one of Sweden’s largest biofuel companies. We take the by-products from felling and  processing at our sawmills and convert them into renewable energy. As a result, every single wood chip from the forest gets used.

The forest by-products consist of wood residues including bark, sawdust and chips from the sawmills which are sold to thermal power stations. We also partner with the pellet industry and they acquire additional sawdust. From the planing plants we get wood shavings that are sent to Vida’s factory in Hok, where it becomes top-quality stable bedding and energy-efficient fuel pellets. Vida’s nine modern sawmills produce their own renewable energy for heating, drying and hot water. Biofuel that is not needed for our own operations is sent on to thermal power stations and the pellets industry.

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Fuel pellets

Fuel pellets

Fuel pellets with a high energy output, made from first-rate Swedish forest raw materials.

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Forest fuel and by-products

Forest fuel and by-products

Environmentally friendly energy that uses each wood chip from felling and processing.

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Vida and the environment

Vida and the environment

Sustainable forestry is an important part of solving climate change. At Vida we take responsibility for the forest, environment and people wherever we operate.

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