Vida and the environment

Vida has a negative environmental footprint. Which is positive.

The entire sawmill industry, including Vida, leaves a negative carbon dioxide footprint. Which is positive. We create a net absorption. This means that Vida’s operations help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

In simple terms, growing forests absorb carbon dioxide. In Sweden where we operate, at least two trees are planted for every tree that is felled. Even if we calculate low with a relationship of one tree felled and one tree planted that gets to grow to its full age, then we still leave a negative footprint. Our felling, production and distribution release less carbon dioxide than the growing forests bind.

Vida is making an even bigger difference by switching to rail transportation. Transporting by rail instead of by road reduces carbon dioxide emissions with every cubic metre of goods transported. Vida has also established our own power company Vida Energy, which takes advantage of all the by-products and creates emissions-neutral power. Power that both heats up our plants and many homes.

Environmental policy

Vida’s environmental policy permeates every decision we make.

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It is a given that we work our forests for the long term.

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Sustainability reporting

Vida’s business activities are based on renewable, re-usable and biodegradable raw materials.

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Vida makes a difference

Vida is socially responsible. We aim to be a good business partner, an attractive employer and an engaged member of the community.

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