Environmental policy

Vida’s environmental policy permeates every decision we make.

Vida will work to constantly reduce its environmental footprint through all daily decisions. This means that throughout the entire process from forest, via production and sales, to distribution to the customer, we endeavour to reduce the total environmental impact, working closely with our employees, customers and suppliers.

We aim to increase the share of environmentally certified raw materials, in accordance with FSC® and PEFC, and thereby the share of environmentally certified finished goods. The demands and intentions of FSC® and PEFC will be adhered to, and as far as possible, we will ascertain that raw materials do not originate from felling that is either illegal, or not permitted by relevant authorities.

At a minimum, we will comply with applicable laws and decisions for our production units, and also adhere to new environmental findings. Emissions and the environmental impact from our production and transportation will be limited as far as reasonably possible, with due consideration to technology and finance.

We are convinced that the road to success is built on continuous improvement within areas such as production technology, energy efficiency, product choice and employee skills – through which the effect of many small improvements made by the entire organisation creates enduring value for the environment.