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Vida Packaging is Sweden's leading manufacturer of modern wood packaging.

Vida Packaging is Sweden’s leading manufacturer of modern wood packaging: pallets, pallet collars, cable drums and more. Through a network of production facilities and a broad range of products, we offer our customers a complete logistics solution. Our production facilities are geographically dispersed across Sweden to build customer relationships and provide economies of scale as well as efficient production.

A broad range of products in various materials enables us to create customised solutions for individual needs. Vida Group’s sawmills’ close proximity to raw materials provides stable and secure resource availability, making us a reliable long-term partner for our customers. Vida Packaging has customers all over Europe within a wide range of sectors.

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1000 million

Turnover in SEK


Number of units


Number of employees


2.3 million

Pallet collars

3.2 million

Cable drums


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Since we are still in pandemic times, we are continuing to meet any customers who so prefer digitally. If you feel that it is not currently suitable to meet in person, you have the opportunity to book a Skype meeting with a packaging specialist.


Sustainability aspects when you buy wood packaging from Vida

Sustainability has become increasingly important across the whole of society When you buy wood products rather than plastic products you are doing your part for a sustainable future. Wood products contribute to sustainable development because they store carbon dioxide during their usable lifetime and can replace products that create larger carbon dioxide emissions.

Wooden pallets can be reused and are a smart climate choice

A wooden pallet can be used up to 70 times. After some 20 usage cycles it is re-classed from an A-pallet to a B-pallet.

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Wooden pallets can be reused and are a smart climate choice

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