Vida makes a difference

Vida is socially responsible. We aim to be a good business partner, an attractive employer and an engaged member of the community.

Vida is a large employer with around 1,600 employees in some 20 smaller towns. Every Vida employee indirectly generates employment for a further 3 – 4 people. We have a great social responsibility and work constantly to strengthen our local involvement.

Our business is important for Swedish prosperity

Vida accounts for some 17% of Sweden’s export of wood products. Our export revenues are approx SEK 36 million per day. By using and making the most of forest assets, we create value for forest landowners, Sweden, industry and not least for the environment.

Our business is an important part of solving the climate change puzzle

We work the forest – we do not deplete it. The forest and products from the forest bind carbon dioxide and reduce the greenhouse effect. The raw material is renewable and the products recyclable, and they never become landfill, rather they generate new energy instead. The forest is a fantastic asset if we continue to work it the way we do, responsibly and sustainably.

Find out more here about Vida’s environmental work.

We want to spread happiness and make dreams come true

It feels fantastic to have the opportunity to sponsor hundreds of local organisations and contribute to charities in other ways too. Vida constantly assesses how we can help to spread happiness, make dreams come true and make a difference.

Apply for sponsorship here.

Privacy policy

At Vida we are keen that you feel confident in how we handle your personal data.