Vida has a wide range of pallets for all needs.

Vida provides a wide range of pallets, both standard pallets and special customised pallets. Our plants manufacture pallets and EURO pallets made from wood and plywood for a range of purposes. Through our geographically dispersed factories, from Gävle down to our southernmost factory in Ryd in Blekinge county, we are close to our customers.

Pallets for all needs

Vida manufactures pallets for most purposes for the vehicle industry, plastic and rubber industries, paper industry, food industry, workshops, gardens, animal feed, concrete and much more.

We perform stress calculations and tests to provide a guaranteed functional product. We are specialists in much shorter series with an extremely short order lead time. Let us take a look at your packaging needs and we can design a pallet that suits your requirements. As the largest supplier of wood packaging we have a very large delivery capacity.

Examples of the pallets we offer:

• Standard pallet
• EURO pallet or SJ pallet, own manufactured or imported pallet
• 4 way pallet
• 2 way pallet, referred to as Stringer pallet
• One-off pallet/industrial pallet
• Standard pallet
• Half pallet
• Pallet for the paper industry
• Special pallet
• Flex pallet
• Internal pallet with composite blocks for a long lifespan
• Food pallet, high-quality pallet for the food industry
• Container pallet
• Heat-treated pallet ISPM 15
• PEFC certified pallet
• At our factory in Ryd, we manufacture composite blocks made from plastic (recycled plastic). A composite block increases the lifespan of a wooden pallet significantly. We can also blend wood, plastics and composite material in the pallet. We do all this to create a product with the optimal function, strength and lifespan.

We help you design the best packaging and logistics solution for your specific transportation needs.

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Special pallets in limited series of large volumes

Vida has the capacity to produce special pallets in large volumes.
• Just-in-time pallets for paper mills
• Blended material: wood, plywood, chipboard, composite and more.
• Range of machinery for different types of pallet

Let us take a look at your packaging needs and we can design a loading pallet that suits your requirements.

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FlexPall™ from Vida

FlexPall™ has been well-established for many years and it is a system of divisible pallets that are the standard within the European paper industry today.

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century FlexPall™ has also made inroads into the FMCG sector with documented positive effects on:
• the workplace environment
• transportation costs
• exposure area

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