Special packaging

Special packaging

Packaging solutions for specific requirements.

Plywood containers for all needs

Vida offers a wide range of containers and boxes made from plywood and other board material for use as non-returnable packaging or in recycling systems. Standard products and customised solutions, tailored to the customer’s product and its protection needs.

We build various interiors and can even deliver a pallet with in-built “suspension” – whatever it takes to give your product the best possible protection.

Vida Flex for bulky goods

Vida Flex is packaging that is perfectly adapted to protect long thin, bulky goods. For example, cylindrical products or such that in some way need extra protection. Vida Flex consists of laminated fibre boards with a PE film coating and/or kraft paper. The material is available in different qualities, widths and colours, and can also be printed if required.

Core material: 3mm board
Density of core material: 820kg per m3
PE film: 70g per m2
PE coated kraft paper: 12g per m2 PE coating
Kraft paper: 80g per m2
Adhesive: Melt adhesive (melting point >90 °C)

Type: PE-PE Paper
Core material: Board
Outer material: Cross-laminated PE film
Inner material: PE coated kraft paper
Length per pallet: 260m
Weight: 2.2kg per m2

Type: PE paper-Paper
Core material: Board
Outer material: PE coated kraft paper
Inner material: Kraft paper
Length per pallet: 260m
Weight: 2.2kg per m2

You are welcome to contact us about your product or transportation needs, we will help you create the best solution.

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