About Vida Wood

About Vida Wood

Vida Wood sells and delivers high-grade wood products to all corners of the world.

Vida Wood sells and delivers sawn wood products that are processed at the Group’s nine sawmills in Borgstena, Hjältevad, Hestra, Hästveda, Alvesta, Vislanda, Urshult, Nössemark and Tranemo. Seventy-five percent of the production is exported to five continents. All Vida products are manufactured from renewable raw materials – the Swedish forest. The majority of raw materials are purchased from private forest landowners via our purchasing company, Vida Skog.

All of Vida’s sawmills are focused on structural timber. A high degree of value-added processing takes place at all sawmills including planing, precision cutting, stress grading, finger-joining and chemical impregnating. Sideboards are predominantly made into tongued and grooved timber and batten for the European and Swedish markets. The product range from CLS, TR26 (stress-graded roof truss timber) to other types of beams. Vida’s wood products are sold worldwide, and the company’s largest markets include Sweden, England, Denmark, USA and Japan.

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Vida Wood - the numbers

2,700 million

Turnover in SEK


Number of sawmills

1,750,000 m3

Production & sales

Sales offices

Sweden, England, Denmark, Holland, Japan, USA and Australia.

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Vida Wood AB

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342 21 Alvesta, Sweden
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Vida Wood

Karl-Johan Löwenadler

CEO Vida Wood AB
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Anders Magnusson

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Mats Olsson

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Patrik Rörström

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Marcus Larsson

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Anders Jørgensen

Sales Denmark
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Niels Pedersen

Sales Denmark
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Our business

Wood products and construction

Wood products and construction

Products for the construction industry.

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Our sawmills

Vida’s modern sawmills

There are nine sawmills in the Group, all of which are technologically advanced with modern equipment.

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Sales offices

Vida Wood U.S.

Vida Wood U.S. imports the finest premium Scandinavian and European spruce products into the market today.

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Environment and sustainability

Environment and sustainability

Sustainable forestry is an important part of solving the climate change puzzle. At Vida we take responsibility for the forest, environment and people wherever we operate.

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