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Vida Wood – Japan Market

Vida Wood has been exporting our products to the Japanese market since 1993 and we consider Japan as one of our most important markets. We ship almost 100,000 m3 of high-quality, value-added lumber to Japan each year.

We are constantly investing in new equipment and technology in all our sawmills to improve their efficiency and quality. Most of our mills have very new and modern dry kilns, computer grading in the sawmill, and computer grading in the planer mill.

KD Whitewood, JAS stamped, J-Grade lumber
– Nössemark Sawmill; 2 x 4 x 2336 mm PET & 2 x 6 x 2336 mm PET.
– Urshult Sawmill; 2 x 4, 6, 10. Main lengths are 16’ & 2336 mm.
– Vislanda Sawmill; 2 x 4, 6, 10. Main lengths are 16’ & 14’.
– Bruza Sawmill; 2 x 4, 6, 10. Main lengths are 16’ & 14’, 2336 & 2636 mm.

KD Whitewood, Mabashira
– Alvesta Sawmill has been producing and shipping mabashira to Japan every month of every year since 1996 and we take pride in our consistent quality, on-time shipments, and competitive pricing.

KD Redwood & Whitewood Lamina
– Vida’s Vimmerby sawmill produces KD Redwood, A-Grade and B-Grade Lamina in most of the standard sizes and lengths.
– We also work with a few selected long-term partners in Sweden and Latvia to meet our customer’s demands for KD Redwood and KD Whitewood lamina.


Vida Wood AB – Japan Representative Office

1 – 1 – 23 Minato – Ku, Toranomon Toho Building, 4F
Tokyo, Japan 105-0001
Cell:  +1-604-657-5395

Stephen Coyle, Japan Representative
Cell:  +1-604-657-5395


ヴィーダ ウッドジャパン (日本代表事務所)

Cell:  +1-604-657-5395

スティーブン コイル



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