Vida’s logistics system

Vida’s logistics system

Close to the best raw materials market. Close to the global market.

Vida has a highly developed sales and logistics system. Our distribution centres are located close to our customers to be able to provide good, fast service. This ensures stable, accurate deliveries.

We want to grow alongside our customers and we see the benefits of locally adapted logistics solutions that help increase efficiency and profitability for both our customers and us.

Strategic flow

Vida believes it is important to consider the entire logistics flow. All of Vida’s sawmills are strategically located from a logistics perspective. Not only does our location enable us to take advantage of the incredibly high-quality raw materials of southern Sweden, it also minimises land transportation from the felling sites to the sawmills, and from the sawmills to modern and strategically located shipping ports.

Transportation between our sawmills and our Swedish ports is done via our own trains so as to increase efficiency and reduce the impact on the environment.

Vida exports sawn wood products to five continents. Contact us for more information about our environmentally smart, locally adapted logistics solutions.

Contact us

Ask us about logistics. We would be happy to tell you more about our locally adapted logistics solutions.

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