Download Vida’s logo in different formats for web and print. If you are not sure how the logo should be used, please contact Vida’s Communications department.

• Always inform Vida’s Communications department when using our logo.

Logotypes in different formats

Namn: vida_cmyk.eps

Storlek: 301379 bytes

Ladda ner vida_cmyk.eps

Namn: vida_logga_svart.eps

Storlek: 216573 bytes

Ladda ner vida_logga_svart.eps

Namn: vida_logga_vit.eps

Storlek: 214299 bytes

Ladda ner vida_logga_vit.eps

Namn: vida_pms.eps

Storlek: 289206 bytes

Ladda ner vida_pms.eps

Namn: vida_logga_svart.jpg

Storlek: 48514 bytes

Dimension: 1188 x 556 px

Ladda ner vida_logga_svart.jpg

Namn: vida_logga_svart.png

Storlek: 29856 bytes

Dimension: 1188 x 556 px

Ladda ner vida_logga_svart.png

Namn: vida_logga_vit.png

Storlek: 21003 bytes

Dimension: 1299 x 574 px

Ladda ner vida_logga_vit.png

Namn: vida_rgb.jpg

Storlek: 221188 bytes

Dimension: 1890 x 802 px

Ladda ner vida_rgb.jpg

Namn: vida_rgb.png

Storlek: 41099 bytes

Dimension: 1890 x 802 px

Ladda ner vida_rgb.png

Namn: Vida-Building.png

Storlek: 59927 bytes

Dimension: 3046 x 544 px

Ladda ner Vida-Building.png

Vida and the environment

Sustainable forestry is an important part of solving the climate change puzzle. At Vida we take responsibility for the forest, environment and people wherever we operate.

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