Vida Packaging ramping up due to high demand

Vida Packaging ramping up due to high demand

This has been a long period of great market demand for wood products in conjunction with a historic shortage of raw materials.

We are seeing increased electricity consumption in society, with fossil-fuels and other fuel sources being phased out and replaced by electricity. Alongside this electrification, the data centres required for digitalisation are consuming more and more electricity. Electrification is also taking place in the transport sector where the automotive manufacturing industry is in full swing, with order books full long into 2022. The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise estimates that the need for electricity will increase by at least 60 per cent by 2045 compared with today’s needs (Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – Higher electricity consumption by 2045. 2021). All this means that both today and in the future, there will be a greater need for cable drums.

And for environmental reasons, the portion of those made of wood will grow. Swedish industry in general is in overdrive, which is why we are also seeing increased volumes of pallets and pallet collars. At Vida Packaging we are still experiencing a healthy demand for our products, both for the short and long term.

Vida Packaging is the Nordic countries’ leading and most advanced manufacturer of wood packaging. Thanks to our own supply of raw materials from Vida’s sawmills, Vida Packaging has been able to honour deliveries and continue to satisfy our customers’ needs, and can now even increase the rate of production further in all product areas. Through a network of production facilities and a wide product range, we offer our customers a complete logistics solution. All units and product lines, Ryd, Hestra, Överlövsta and Vimmerby, are working flat out and will soon ramp up through additional shifts.

There is strong demand for our products and we are therefore looking to recruit more people at our sites. Find out more about our job vacancies at or contact the Vida Packaging team for more information.