Sawn wood products

High-grade wood products for construction, building material suppliers and industry.

Vida is a leading sawmill group. Our nine modern sawmills focus on structural timber/stress-graded timber for building material suppliers and construction companies.

Our operations are flexible and we have the capacity to adapt dimensions, lengths and grades based on the specific requirements of different markets. Customised solutions for builders and industry is what we do.

At Vida we manage the entire logistics flow. Our sawmills are strategically placed and our highly-developed logistics system with distribution centres close to our customers have made us an important global supplier of high-grade wood products.

For construction

Structural timber and stress-graded timber.

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For industry

Wood products for the packaging, wood and furniture industries.

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Customised products

Our motto - make it simple for our customers

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Vida's logistics system

Close to the best raw materials market. Close to the global market.

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Vida’s modern sawmills

There are nine sawmills in the Group, all of which are technologically advanced with modern equipment.

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Vida and the environment

Sustainable forestry is an important part of solving the climate change puzzle. At Vida we take responsibility for the forest, environment and people wherever we operate.

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Contact us

Vida offers a complete range of sawn wood products, structural timber and pre-fabricated housing components.

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