Vida Agricultural Bedding

Vida Agricultural Bedding

Fine flakes with good absorption.

Vida Agricultural Bedding is made from wood shavings that are ground down to fine flakes and thereby gain excellent absorption capacity. This creates better hygiene and happier animals in their stalls.

Vida Agricultural Bedding is made from renewable Swedish forest raw materials of the highest quality. It is made from wood shavings from our own sawmills and is completely free of chemical additives and treated timber.

Vida Agricultural Bedding consists of finely ground flakes that have a good absorption capacity. It is therefore perfect for agricultural purposes. Good for animals, good for the environment.

Free delivery to your door

Vida delivers agricultural bedding on pallets directly to your door within our delivery areas, for orders of at least 5 pallets. We deliver within 10 working days after order and handle unloading on site by truck. Always free delivery and notification the day before.

Vida Agricultural Bedding comes in bales and is delivered on B-grade pallets of 18 bales per pallet. One bale weighs 26kg.

Sustainable deliveries are important to Vida and we take responsibility for our environmental impact and emissions. Vida chooses the fuel with the least negative impact on the environment, which is why we use “Evolution Diesel” from Preem. This fuel can reduce fossil-based CO2 emissions by up to 25%.

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