Certificate of sustainability when you buy wood packaging from Vida

Certificate of sustainability when you buy wood packaging from Vida

Sustainability has become increasingly important across the whole of society When you buy wood products rather than plastic products you are doing your part for a sustainable future. Wood products contribute to sustainable development because they store carbon dioxide during their usable lifetime and can replace products that create larger carbon dioxide emissions.

When you buy wood packaging from Vida Packaging, you as a customer can receive a certificate of sustainability. The certificate demonstrates the sustainability benefits you achieve when you purchase from us, such as how many kg of carbon dioxide the products bind, how many new planted trees the value chain generates and how much timber has been used.

As an example, for every 1,000 cable drums purchased from Vida Packaging, ten trees are planted per cubic metre of timber used in the cable drums, and the products in turn bind approximately 886,000 kg of carbon dioxide per year.

For a purchase of 50,000 pallet collars and 12,500 pallets, 1,520 m3 of wood is used and 15,200 trees are replanted in the forest. The products for their part bind approximately 1,124,800 kg of carbon dioxide.

With Vida as your packaging and logistics solution partner you get the optimal combination of functionality, cost and environmental consideration, with many environmental advantages.

  • Short transportation via the 12 sawmills located close to the forests that provide the renewable raw materials used.
  • 100% of the timber used in our packaging products comes from southern Sweden.
  • A high degree of product reuse. Many of Vida Packaging’s products are reusable and have a lifetime of up to 10 years.
  • The products can be recycled into new products, such as pallet blocks, chipboard, furniture and bioenergy.

No environmental tax. Another major benefit of responsibly procured timber is that it is a renewable material that reduces the level of greenhouse gas emissions and uses less energy in production and processing. What’s more, companies that choose Vida’s products can have greater peace of mind knowing that there are no environmental taxes, unlike in the plastics industry. Compared with most other materials, wood binds CO2 rather than increasing emissions.