Welcome to Vida

A global supplier of processed products from sustainable Swedish forests.

Forest landowners

We help you increase the yield from your forest.

A professional partner for those who own and work their own forestland.


Broad range of sustainable packaging and logistics solutions.

The Nordic countries’ largest supplier of wood packaging for all logistics needs.

Wood products and construction

Products and buildings for the construction industry.

Sawn wood products, structural timber and pre-fabricated housing components.

Animal bedding

Good for the environment, good for animals.

High-class bedding and pellets from Swedish forest raw materials.


Green energy that uses every single wood chip.

Energy-efficient biofuel made from forest industry by-products.


Work in modern Swedish forestry.

A sector for the future with endless possibilities.

Vida and the environment

Sustainable forestry is an important part of solving the climate change puzzle. At Vida we take responsibility for the forest, environment and people wherever we operate.

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