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A global supplier of processed products from sustainable Swedish forests.


Sawmill entrepreneur and Vida’s former CEO named an honorary doctor

Linnaeus University’s Faculty of Technology has appointed Christer Johansson as a new honorary doctor for his achievements in the Swedish forest and wood industry.

Vida named as a Career Company

For the second year in a row, Vida has been named as a Career Company (Karriärföretag). The motivation for the award highlighted the company's strong corporate culture and the opportunities for employee involvement.

Vida inaugurates major solar park in southern Sweden

One of Sweden’s largest solar parks, located near Sölvesborg in Blekinge, has now been inaugurated. It is estimated that the solar park will contribute 19 GWh of electricity production to electricity area 4 in southern Sweden, where the need for electricity is greatest. In addition to Vida, the investment is backed by Bixia and the solar energy company Svea Solar, who are collaborating to advance the green transition.

Vida acquires Ingarp Träskydd

Vida is Sweden's largest sawmill group with 12 sawmills in Götaland in the south of Sweden. The group’s vision is “To grow” which Vida is now doing through the addition of another plant.

Vida named 7th best career company by Young professionals

Vida has been named the 7th best career company by Young Professionals in the educated engineering category. 1,000 young graduates from technical educations who are at the beginning of their careers rated over 150 companies in terms of how attractive they think they are, and Vida became top 10.

Måns Johansson appointed president of Canfor Europe

Vida is Sweden's largest sawmill group with, among other things, 12 sawmills. Since 2019, the Canadian company Canfor has owned 70% of the shares in Vida. Now Vida's CEO has been appointed President of Canfor Europe.

Vida is growing and expanding its workforce

Vida has great ambitions for the future and has therefore invested SEK 140 million in Borgstena over the last few years, which means that the workforce will be expanded this autumn.

Santhe Dahl elected to international Board

Vida is Sweden's largest sawmill group with, amongst other activities, 12 sawmills in Götaland, southern Sweden. Vida’s former CEO and present Chairman of the Board had now been elected as a member of Canfor’s Board.

Sweden’s largest sawmill group continues to grow

Vida is the largest sawmill group in Sweden and has high ambitions for the future. The company is now about to complete a couple of major strategic investments that will lead to substantially larger production volumes.