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About us

Vida AB, has 9 sawmills in Sweden producing over 1.75 million m3 of lumber per year. Vida Trading Asia AB is responsible for our lumber sales to the Japanese market. In addition to our own supply, we also act as exclusive marketing and sales agents for a select few partner mills outside of Vida AB, which are located in Sweden and Latvia.

What we offer


KD SPF JAS Stamped Lumber

We have 4 Vida sawmills certified for JAS lumber.
Nossemark, Tranemo, Urshult, Vislanda

Sizes:  2” x 4”, 6”, 8” 10”

Standard Lengths: 8’, 14’, 16’

PET Lengths:  2336, 2636, other lengths available by request.


KD Whitewood Mabashira

A-Grade, 100% FOHC.  B-Grade

27 x 105 x 2850 & 2985mm.

30 x 105 x 2850 & 2985mm.

45 x 105 x 2850 & 2985mm.


KD Redwood Lamina

A-Grade and B-Grade (no wane)

30 x 112 x R/L 2700-6000mm

34 x 112 x R/L 2700-6000mm

34 x 127 x R/L 2700-6000mm.


KD Whitewood Lamina

A-Grade and B-Grade (no wane)

24 x 110 x R/L 2700-6000mm

30 x 110 x R/L 2700-6000mm


Hagarazai & Prefab Lumber

We are able to supply some special size hagarazai and Prefab Lumber on a custom order basis.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or business enquiries you might have. Stephen Coyle is based in North Vancouver, Canada but is often travelling on business in Japan, Sweden, or Latvia. He can be reached by e-mail or phone and will reply to you promptly. We look forward to hearing from you.

Vida Wood Japan

Stephen Coyle

Vida Wood Japan Representative Office
1-1-23. Minato-Ku, Toranomon Toho Building, 4F
Tokyo, Japan 105-0001
+1 604 657 5395