Environmental policy

VIDA shall work towards continuously reducing the environmental impact resultant from its daily decisions. Each VIDA operating unit shall progressively work towards increased safety and improvement of the work environment at each production facility. This means that, across the entire process from forest through to production, sales and distribution and on to the customer each unit shall, through close collaboration between our employees, customers and suppliers, strive to reduce the total environmental impact.

We shall comply with all relevant legislation and observe the Swedish PEFC requirements and intentions as far as possible. Always ensuring that our raw materials do not come from key biotopes or from logging locations that are illegal or not approved by the community in question.

Further to this we shall strive to increase the percentage of forest-certified timber in our production processes and as a direct consequence increase the percentage of "forest-certified finished goods" in our overall product range.

We are convinced that the route to success is built on the effect of continuous, incremental improvement throughout the organization and specifically in the areas of technology, logistics, quality and the environment.

It is by this route that lasting values, for customers and the environment alike, are created.

Certification, please contact info@vida.se.

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