Per Rodert, CEO Rörvik Timber and Santhe Dahl, CEO VIDA Group

VIDA acquires Rörvik sawmill in Tranemo

VIDA Group acquires Rörvik sawmill and treatment plant in Tranemo, Sweden. The change of ownership will take place on September 1, 2016.

“The acquisition of the small log sawline in Tranemo fits well into our existing sawmill structure, as it is located right between our small log facilities in Alvesta and Nössemark. It will also be a great complement to the normal log sawmill in Borgstena. In addition, Tranemo has a modern treatment plant in close proximity to our pine sawmill in Hestra, which allows us to increase the degree of further processing even more”, says Sanhte Dahl, CEO at VIDA Group.

Rörvik Timber Tranemo is a dedicated small log sawmill with an annual capacity of 75 000 m3 sawn goods. It also comprises a pressure treatment plant with an annual capacity of 80 000 m3. After the sale, Rörvik Timber will own three sawmills in the highlands around Vetlanda and two sawmills in Östergötland.

“We have for several years tried to find good structural solutions for the sawmill industry. The geographical location of Tranemo sawmill is well suited for VIDA due to the nearby facility in Hestra. The two facilities will also complement each other well, so we see this as an excellent solution”, says Per Rodert, CEO at Rörvik.

No major changes in the sawmill’s operations are planned after the acquisition. The change of ownership will take place on September 1, 2016.

“Several facilities with various approaches give VIDA an opportunity for further specialization. The acquisition will strengthen the competitiveness and performance of both Tranemo sawmill and VIDA’s existing facilities”, concludes Santhe.

For further information, please contact: Santhe Dahl, CEO VIDA Group, tel. +46 70 551 30 55 or Per Rodert, CEO Rörvik Timber, tel. +46 70 593 11 45.

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