VIDA Stallstro

VIDA Stallstro is a renewable, sustainable, natural raw material, bedding product.

Top quality wood shavings from premium quality Swedish Timber. Stallstro is both dust free and free of any chemical additives.

Top Class Stable Litter
For many years VIDA Energi has supplied topclass Stable Litter to horse owners and farmers across Southern Sweden, but not exclusively for horses. Stallstro is also recognised as a superior solution in cattle/litter bedding.

An Evironmentally Sound Choice
VIDA Stallstro consists of natural, biodegradeable wood shavings taken from sustainable, top quality timber processing, mainly from spruce. Free of dust and wood preservative chemicals Stallstro offers huge advantages for animals with breathing or allergy problems.

Available delivered to your door or collected from our factory, you choose.

VIDA Stallstro is delivered to you in bales weighing 25 kgs each, for ease of handling.

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