VIDA Energis environmental responsibility

VIDA Energi ensures that we keep our promises. In other words: That VIDA "converts" organic carbon into an energy form that is emission neutral. As the modern face of the sawmill industry, we have one-foot securely anchored in the green camp, a spot where the entire VIDA group also stands firm.

The logging and processing we carry out is replanted at a ratio of 5 plants for each felled, mature tree. With thinning and other continuous regeneration activities, this means that each felled tree is replaced by considerably more than one newly planted tree. Throughout its growth, each newly planted tree binds just as much carbon as we burn per tree. In fact, the net effect of carbon binding is greater than the emissions in the form of carbon dioxide. This is because forest growth also binds carbon dioxide from other sources, e.g. fossil fuels.

Since its start, VIDA Energi has grown fivefold and, with the continuing development of this company's operations, VIDA is investing in a reduction of total emissions. As we are now recycling even more logging residues, the environmental impact is even more positive.
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