About VIDA Energy

VIDA Energi manages the group's investments in the bioenergy market. The residual products of logging and value-adding operations in sawmills can both be refined into renewable energy in the form of products such as forest chips, log chips and pellets. From the energy point of view these are all extremely efficient.

VIDA Energi was founded in 2003 with the mission of "recycling sawmill residues". These residues then comprised the chips, bark, shavings and cut-offs produced in the mills' value-adding operations. VIDA Energi's role is now the all-embracing function of collecting and converting all the residues encountered in a modern sawmill. This includes logging residues, brushwood bundles and branches and tops. Consequently, as logistics are a critical factor in "green success", much of the work is handled at the felling site.

Many of the company's conversion operations (i.e. the production of heating, drying and hot water) take place locally in own sawmills. VIDA Energi is one of Swedens largest players in biofuel. Its operations include everything from purchasing and adding value to storage and sales.